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My work investigates the interrelation of phenomenology of human perception and the unconsciousness.  My practice juxtaposes sensitivity to the surrounding one’s environment and meanings linked to the archetypical knowledge behind it. Turning my own thinking into making, I am using photography as an instrument to reflect on my own undersenses. Through my practice I explore such notions as nothingness, meaning, definition, representation and sublime. My practice equals my research, it is an attempt to comprehend the nowness as such. In my work it is important to me to highlight such matters as queerness, gender and mental health.

Working exclusively with photographic hand printing processes, I do relate my practice to cameraless photography, where the camera is no longer an apparatus for the photographic image creation.  Light, light sensitive paper, chemistry, frames, hanging tools and storing equipment- all the materials used for photography processes - become a part of the artwork, exposing the medium inside out.

Anya Gorkova, b. 1998
Lives in works in London, UK


Selected exhibitions (2021)

19-25 April 2021 Transference [online]
6-9 October 2021 Over the hill and Far Away Arthill Gallery, London W14 9NU
22-24 November 2021 GMT / CET   Galerie Baeute du Matin Calme, Paris 75015
24-27 December 2021 Everywhere you go , 18 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4HR

Scholarships & Awards

2021/2022 University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins
Jane Rapley Scholarship


2020-2022 University of the Arts London,Central Saint Martins; Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies

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